Edge of Broken

by Single Bullet Theory

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Single Bullet Theory is:
Matt DiFabio - Vocals, Guitar
Pat Brose - Lead Guitar
Joe Brannigan - Guitar
Jeff Kalber - Bass
Nick Bunczk - Drums

"Edge of Broken"
This is the song that got the band moving again after an almost three year hiatus. Written about the rise and fall of Single Bullet Theory and the "Never Say Die" approach that I (Matt DiFabio) has toward this band or my musical vision. I personally feel that this is one of the best SBT tracks ever recorded as it exemplifies exactly what this band is made of musically. This track really came to life by the help of Mr. John Ruszin III.

Everyone reaches the "Edge of Broken" at one point in their life... Its all about what you do once you get there!



(Intro lead and Harmony - Pat Brose)

Here we go down another road
of life's big mus-adventures
The cast has changed, the thread has frayed
But this vision hasn't faltered
Grown inside is massive pride that will not ever break
fast inside I make my rise and claim whats mine to take

Here we go

Down too long, the same old song
a broken chain of trust
The part remains and the goal has stayed
Ill throw down and remove the rust
watch the score just like before
and speak your foolish thoughts
Been here before, it shook my core
and from the ashes ill stage my plot to

From the depths of where you thought id be
Past everything you thought youd see
Ill Rise
Spit back the words that were almost spoken
From the Killing floor to the Edge of Broken

"If I had permitted my failures or what seemed to be at the time, lack of success
to discourage me, I cannot see any way in which i ever would have made progress"
(Calvin Coolidge)
Melody lead: Matt DiFabio

The fall had scarred me, broken down and marred me
from the depths of my soul, ill rise from this cold
off the vine and not withered, ill stand up and deliver
from the depths of this cold and a hand that will not fold
(Lead - Pat Brose)

Here we go down another road
of your selfish, sickening grin
it wont be long till i've come and gone
i'll lick my wounds and turn my chin
Sleeves rolled up, I took the lumps
and struck with great conviction
my scars have healed, my plans concealed
to watch you crawl is now my addiction



released June 16, 2012
Words and Music written by Matt DiFabio

This is an unreleased (until now) track originally recorded back in June of 2008 at Signal Sound Studios (Quakertown, PA.
(Drums - John Sasso, Bass - Bill Mez)
Vocals, Keys and samples were recorded in the winter of 2010 and 2011 by John Ruszin III at Memento Mori Studios (Wenonah, NJ.)
Leads and Mix were done in May of 2012

Mix and Master done by Matt DiFabio in the man cave.



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Single Bullet Theory Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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